Yongqi Liu, fashion photographer reside in New York City and Beijing, traveling everywhere.

After receiving a Bachelor's degree at Tianjin University, he started his business in China. He is now pursuing a Master's degree at Columbia University in the City of New York.

He is a contributor and contract photographer of many photography platforms such as Getty Images. His publications include SOLIS Magazine, VOGUE Italia, PROVOCATOR Magazine, Style Cruze Magazine, Art of Portrait, Lookvine.com, Sohu.com, Global Photography, La Belle Kidz Magazine, FOX Magazine, BLouder Magazine, etc.

More than ten years of practice of Ancient Chinese instrument Yangqin, Chinese percussion instruments, and Western percussion instruments, he joined the orchestra and was trained to be a national champion percussionist. He aims to combine ancient Chinese elements and western culture into his works.

People he shot include New York Fashion Week menswear designer Carlos Campos, Former President of Greece George Papandreou, etc. He also worked with brands, fashion designers, agencies, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, actors, and artists in different countries.

The fashion company he founded won an annual competition held by the Chinese government and the Chinese embassy in New York City, and he was invited to attend the 2018 entrepreneurship summit in Guangzhou, China.

He and his team covered New York Fashion Week Shows since 2017. Brands include Alexander Wang, Bibhu Mohapatra, LaQuan Smith, Lan Yu, Vivienne Hu, Naersiling, Just in XX, Berta, Sherri Hill, Wen Han, Helen Yarmak, Jarel Zhang, Carlos Campos, Leanne Marshall, Esteban Cortazar, Concept Korea, Fashion Hong Kong, Etc. 



            Global Photography, 2018

            PSA, Single, 2018

            PSA, Series, 2018

            FOX Magazine Black & White Awards, 2018